The Work of Conferences

How do we keep learning?

When I first entered the risk management profession, I had the benefit of working with a number of wiser and more experienced practitioners.  I think that experience is far more common than not in our line of work, and nothing brings that home to me more than attending a conference.  At these gatherings, risk and insurance professionals of all levels of experience come together for one common goal, to share knowledge.  The speakers are obviously there to share, but more than that, the attendees are there to share as well.  Much of that occurs at the less formal settings , at the lunches and receptions, at the dinners and in the hallways.  It’s in those less structured venues that some of the most important work of a conference happens.  Of course, what I’m referring to is relationships; building, reinforcing, renewing them.  In many ways, that is the most important work that conferences can contribute to our profession.  Relax into the flow of the conference, and keep those relationships growing.  

From the 2018 IRMI Construction Risk Conference